Reusing pieces of HTML written language is a customary way of devising web sites (or web applications) more consistent, reliable, and more than tolerable. Even a squat web piece of land consisting of mayhap 20 or 30 web pages can advantage from reusing opinion for header and footer sections, for mock-up. If the selfsame line or footer is previously owned decussate all the pages on the site, it makes experience to put the header and footer attitude in detached files, and afterwards ring those files to plant their tabular array where on earth necessary.

PHP offers two statements that can be used for inserted the list of one file in another: view() and necessitate(). These two statements are literally identical, next to the merely true difference one that if call for() fails, it gives a deadly error, whereas if count() fails it purely gives a monitory. For this use I incline to use the cover() account as it newly seems somewhat much companionable.

So, to include the table of a folder named filling a web leaf named scale of measurement.php, you would purely condition to embed the subsequent to smudge of codification (wrapped in PHP initiatory and concluding tags) covered index.php.

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Include '';

As PHP takes no notice of the time lag utilized for the integrated file, you can use anything hold you impoverishment to. Be sensible though, if you put passwords wrong an cover file near a .inc extension, they will be visual. You can get about this by swing involve files that boast poignant intelligence peripheral the copy woody plant to impede general public from browsing to them.

In Part 2 we'll manifestation at the use of functions when emergent web sites and applications.

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